Masterfully Blended

Exquisitely Smooth

100% Blue Weber Agave


Moda is the world’s only Ultra Premium tequila with a deep black color. Its soft amber hues foreshadow the woody savor to follow.

Our methodology: first we cure our Reposado 100% Blue Agave in a charred white oak barrel, eliciting the unique color and flavor. We then further age it for nine months. Finally we amalgamate the refined three-year aged Extra Aῆejo, adding our signature triple internal roasting process. 

The result is our proprietary blend of these two tequila classes. The short-term aged zest of Reposado and the seasoned, complex flavor of Extra-Aῆejo yields the best of both worlds of the maturation process. This all-natural crafting method, unique to the world of tequila, has made it possible to achieve a singular color and taste without artificial coloration.



Aged in Charred Oak Barrels

Moda tequila first animates the senses with an aroma that ascribes to caramel and cocoa. Once bathing the palate, it releases delicate herb, timber and rustic woody flavors with a touch of brine, concluding with an even finish that is the epitome of smooth.

Moda is the first and finest natural black tequila in the world, with an exquisite flavor, taste, and appearance. An emerging secret, fully formed. 



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